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How it works

  • It's All Here
  • Check-in
  • Sports Scores
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  • News
  • Live Scores, News, Check-in, Fans!

    Wimbim provides a community of sports fans! Find fans like you!

    Live Scores, News, Check-in, Fans!
  • Check-in

    Browse and search a list of locations to find how many fans are near you. Check-in at the location to let other fans know where you are.

    Browse local businesses
  • Live Sports Scores.

    Get all your sports scores right from Wimbim! You can track your team's scores on the bus, on a plane, in a car! You can even do it at work... we wont tell!

  • Rewards!

    The more places you check-in you earn badges and sites. Badges are tokens that you get for checkin in at different locations. We keep these secret but you will see as you check-in at places.

  • News

    Get live news as it happens here on Wimbim.


Where can I use Wimbim?

Wimbim is available anywhere in the world! Check-in no matter where you are at starbucks, the sports bar, and resturant.

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Wimbim is an application for sports fan. It is a challenge to find a place to watch games with other fans. Accessible via a mobile application or mobile site in addition to a website, Wimbim provides sports fans with information about where to watch games with other fans rooting for the same team.

This application is integrated with Facebook, giving access to alumni data to help build out profiles of users.

Where did the application idea come from?

The story goes, We moved to LA from ohio and wanted to find a good place to watch OSU games. It took more then a year to find a good place to watch the games. I thought, this is just silly with geo-location being so hot right now. People check-in with with facebook and foursquare with no social benefit. Wimbim is to add something really exciting to the landscape and connect people with the same passions, sports.